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Fall 2015 Table of Contents

Nineteenth-Century Prose


Volume 42, Number 2

Fall 2015


Special Issue on Margaret Fuller

Guest Editor: Brigitte Bailey


In This Issue…


From the Editor / vii


 Articles: Margaret Fuller


Brigitte Bailey, “Reintroducing Fuller: Periodical, Transatlantic, Urban” / 1

Charles Capper, “Margaret Fuller in Time” / 17

Albert J. von Frank, “Margaret Fuller, Brutus, and George Bancroft: A Journalist’s Beginnings” / 43

John Matteson, “Overcoming Fragmentation in Summer on the Lakes” / 63

Charlene Avallone, “Margaret Fuller and ‘the best living prose writer,’ George Sand: A Revisionist Account” / 93

Jeffrey Steele, “Reconfiguring ‘public attention’: Margaret Fuller in New York City” / 125

Christina Zwarg, “Quotation, Simile, Photograph: Margaret Fuller on The French in Algiers” / 155

Fritz Fleischmann, “Margaret Fuller’s Socialism” / 181

Marina P. Kizima, “Margaret Fuller’s Reception in Russia in the 1850s” / 211

Bell Gale Chevigny, “Forty Years with Margaret Fuller” / 237


Review Essays


Peter Betjemann, “Transnationalism’s Territories: The Nation, the World, and the New American Literary History”

Leslie Elizabeth Eckel, Atlantic Citizens: Nineteenth-Century American Writers at Work in the World; and Tom F. Wright, ed., The Cosmopolitan Lyceum: Lecture Culture and the Globe in Nineteenth-Century America / 273


Daniel Bivona, “Travel and Transformation: Exploration, Tourism, and the Threat of Disease in Nineteenth-Century Travel”

Jessica Howell, Exploring Victorian Travel Literature: Disease, Race and Climate; Michele M. Strong, Travel and the “Civilisation” of the Victorian Working Classes; and Tim Youngs, Beastly Journeys: Travel and Transformation at the Fin de Siècle / 283


Sven Ove Hansson, “The Multifaceted Politics of John Stuart Mill”

Frederick Rosen, Mill / 299


Andrew Thompson, “George Eliot, Early and Late”

Fionnuala Dillane, Before George Eliot: Marian Evans and the Periodical Press; and Kathleen McCormack, George Eliot in Society: Travels Abroad and Sundays at the Priory / 315


Kimberly DeFazio, “The Critic as Accountant”

Franco Moretti, The Bourgeois: Between History and Literature / 323




A New Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture, ed. Herbert F. Tucker; and Twenty-First Century Perspectives on Victorian Literature, ed. Laurence W. Mazzeno

by Edwin Block / 345


Trish Ferguson, ed., Victorian Time: Technologies, Standardizations, Catastrophes

by Virginia Zimmerman / 350


Anne DeWitt, Moral Authority, Men of Science, and the Victorian Novel

by Anna Maria Jones / 354


Nineteenth-Century American Women Write Religion: Lived Theologies and Literature, ed. Mary McCartin Wearn

by Dawn Coleman / 359


Mark Chapman, The Fantasy of Reunion: Anglicans, Catholics and Ecumenism, 1833-1882

by Bernadette Waterman Ward / 366


Anna Kornbluh, Realizing Capital: Financial and Psychic Economies in Victorian Form

by Joshua Gooch / 370


Mary G. De Jong, ed., Sentimentalism in Nineteenth-Century America: Literary and Cultural Practices

by Maria A. Windell / 374


Michael Ziser, Environmental Practice and Early American Literature

by Andrew B. Ross / 377


Thoreau’s Importance for Philosophy, ed. Rick Anthony Furtak, Jonathan Ellsworth, and James D. Reid

by William Rossi / 379


Jana L. Argersinger and Phyllis Cole, eds., Toward a Female Genealogy of Transcendentalism

by Susan L. Roberson / 383


Mark Sandy, Romanticism, Memory, and Mourning, The Nineteenth Century Series

by Lisa Ann Robertson / 387


Judith Johnston, Victorian Women and the Economies of Travel, Translation and Culture, 1830-1870

by Muireann O’Cinneide / 397


Brigitte Bailey, Katheryn P. Viens, and Conrad Edick Wright, eds., Margaret Fuller and her Circles

by Karen English / 401


Eileen Fauset, The Politics of Writing: Julia Kavanagh, 1824-77

by Julia McCord Chavez / 405


Martin Halliwell and Joel D.S. Rasmussen, eds., William James and the Transatlantic Conversation

by Kevin S. Decker / 409


Martin Hewitt, The Dawn of the Cheap Press in Victorian Britain: The End of the ‘Taxes on Knowledge,’ 1849-1869

by David E. Latané / 412


David E. Latané, William Maginn and the British Press: A Critical Biography

by Mark Schoenfield / 415


Laurel Brake, Ed King, Roger Luckhurst, James Mussell, eds., W.T. Stead: Newspaper Revolutionary

by E.M. Palmegiano / 419


Sari Edelstein, Between the Novel and the News

by Amy Robinson / 425


Sean Grass, Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend: A Publishing History

by Chris Louttit / 428


Donald Pizer, The Significant Hamlin Garland: A Collection of Essays

by Roark Mulligan / 431


Phyllis Weliver and Katherine Ellis, eds., Words & Notes in the Long Nineteenth Century

by Elicia Clements / 434


Sarah Dewis, The Loudons and the Gardening Press: A Victorian Cultural Industry

by Mary Ellen Bellanca / 439


Abstracts / 443


Contributors / 453



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