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Nineteenth-Century Prose is a scholarly journal sponsored by San Diego State University, California.

Editor and Publisher: Barry Tharaud

Associate Editor: Laurence W. Mazzeno, Alvernia University, President Emeritus

Book Review Editor: Margaret Sönmez, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

Book Review Editor: Trevor Hope, Yasar University, Izmir

Managing Editor: Quentin Bailey, San Diego State University

The journal accepts articles, reviews, and bibliographies on nineteenth-century British, American, and Continental nonfiction prose and cultural studies. Submissions should be sent via e-mail attachment after an initial e-mail contact with the editor (  All text, including notes and indented quotes, should be in MS Word and doubled spaced throughout. Notes should be on a separate file, not generated automatically through MS Word. All submissions should be accompanied by a two-or three- sentence vita for the Contributors page, and articles should be accompanied by a one-paragraph abstract.

An account of the journal’s history, from its beginnings in 1973 as The Arnold Newsletter up to 2009, can be found in Volume 38 or, separately, here.

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