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New Articles and Abstracts Posted

Volume 40, Number 2 – Fall 2013

Robert N. Hudspeth, “The Collected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson” / 1

T. S. McMillin, “The Discipline of Abandonment: Emersonian Properties of Transdisciplinarity & the Nature of Method” / 105

Sara Atwood, “Black Devil and Gentle Cloud: Ruskin and Emerson at Odds” / 129

David M. Robinson, “Emerson, Modern Literature, and the Question of Goethe” / 163

John Ronan, “Self-Reliance in Emerson’s Sermons and Essays: First Series” / 181

Saundra Morris, “Whim Upon the Lintel: Emerson’s Poetry and a Politically Ethical Aesthetic” / 189

Harold Schweizer, “Are We Not Beautiful” / 217

David LaRocca, “In the Place of Mourning: Questioning the Privations of the Private” / 227

Volume 40, Number 1-Spring 2013

Erika Behrisch Elce, “‘A tribute of respect to the dead’: Narrative Containment and Focal Substitution in Leopold McClintock’s The Voyage of the ‘Fox’” / 1

Daniel R. Mangiavellano, “De Quincey, Coleridge, and the Literary Model of Habit” / 27

Jason Richards, “Emerson and the Gothic” / 61

Randall Conrad, “Road to the Golden Age: Thoreau’s Old Carlisle Road” / 91

Claire Charlotte McKechnie, “Man’s Best Fiend: Evolution, Rabies, and the Gothic Dog” / 115

John Paul M. Kanwit, “‘My name is the right one’: Lady Elizabeth (Rigby) Eastlake’s Professional Art Criticism” / 141

Ashley Faulkner, “Virgin and Child with John: Ruskin’s Typical Romance” / 173

Jamie Horrocks, “Vernon Lee, Oscar Wilde, and the Dialogue of ‘New Aesthetics’” / 201

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